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Liquid humic fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ is applied in plant production for: increasing the productivity of various agricultural crops by 10-50% and more; increasing plant resistance to drought, bacterial and fungal diseases; plant stress coping after application of plant protection products; improvement the quality of produced plant production; increasing water holding capacity of sandy soils (at an average on 30%); restoration soil fertility; and many other. For one dollar spent as expenses for EDAGUM®SМ, farmers gain at an average 30-50 dollars of profit (and even more at cultivation of vegetable and horticultural crops)!

Humic animal feed supplement (HFS) EDAGUM®SМ is applied in animal industries to increase the efficiency and safety of agricultural animals, including poultry, and fish. HFS EDAGUM®СМ is a growth stimulator, a highly effective tool to improve the state of animals and to get more intensive gain weight under the same conditions of livestock feeding and management. For one dollar spent as expenses for EDAGUM®SМ, farmers gain at an average 20-30 dollars of profit!

In oil and gas extraction processes humic product EDAGUM®SМ is effective at all stages: from drilling operations up to soil and water remediation in sites of drilling and extraction.

In environmental technologies humic fertilizers EDAGUM®SМ are applied for remediation of polluted soils and for sewage treatment. Humic substances provide an effective cleaning of soils and waters from pollutants, without rendering any negative influence on flora and fauna.

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