Influence on plants

Humic fertilizer EDAGUM® SМ accelerates plant growth and development, improves the survival rate at replanting, and raises resistance to diseases and unfavorable environmental conditions: drought, overwetting, anoxia, frosts, insufficient light, etc.

Action of humic substances on plants can be direct and indirect. Direct influence of humic fertilizers reveals during preplant seeds treatment and foliar spaying of plants during vegetation, and indirect influence is connected with participation of humic substances in formation of soil fertility.

Preplant seeds treatment with fertilizer EDAGUM® SМ accelerates the emergence of seedlings on 1-2 days, enhances synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein, intensifies cell division (mitosis), and as a result energy of seeds germination increases.

Spraying of sprouts with humates EDAGUM® SМ stimulates growth and development of plant root system, increasing amount of secondary and tertiary root hairs. Due to it plants easily tolerate stress after transplanting into ground, and plant survival rate drastically increases. Powerful root system stimulates growth of shoots, increasing number of sprouts and leaves. At spraying in a phase of 2-3 leaves with EDAGUM® SМ the transport of nutrients to young growing tissues increases due to regulation of cell membranes permeability, providing intensive growth of shoots and root system that finally affects positively during all the vegetation and increases winter survival of winter crops, fruits and berries.

Fertilizer EDAGUM® SМ regulates cell biochemical processes, activates absorption of UV- radiation and accelerates photosynthesis in leaves. Leaves obtain intensive green color, leaf surface increases. For cereals in tillering phase EDAGUM® SМ provides formation of more abundant sprouts.

Humic fertilizers EDAGUM® SМ activate enzymes related to accumulation of nutrients, which maintains plant productivity and improves production quality. Acceleration of nucleic acids and protein synthesis by humic fertilizer is accompanied by increase of mineral nitrogen uptake, which reduces content of free nitrates and nitrites in plant cells.

Due to activation of cell biochemical processes by fertilizer EDAGUM® SМ plant ability to tolerate unfavorable environmental conditions maintains, and plant immunity to fungal diseases rises. It allows to reduce rates of antifungal chemicals up to 50% and to raise efficiency of their use.

As it is known, use of pesticides brings chemical stress to plants: plant growth restarts not earlier than 72 hours after treatment. Joint application of pesticides with EDAGUM® SМ allows to reduce considerably the time of plant growth restoration, because humic fertilizer stimulates biochemical processes in cells and increases plant immunity.

Humates EDAGUM® SМ promote acceleration of humification processes in soils, activation of soil microflora, mobilization of plant unavailable phosphorus and microelements into available speciations, improve water-physical soil properties, their temperature rate. All these positively affect plant growth and development.

As a result of humic fertilizers EDAGUM® SМ application the yield of agricultural crops increases, preservation of harvested crop improves and production quality improves too due to increase of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, better tastiness, higher yield of standard fruits.