Recommendations for application of EDAGUM®SМ in animal industries

Humic animal feed supplement (HFS) EDAGUM®SM is designed to increase the efficiency and safety of agricultural animals, including poultry

One liter of HFS EDAGUM®SM contains not less than 20 g of humic acids, not more than 8.0% of dry matter. The supplement contains no genetically modified products. The content of toxic impurities does not exceed allowed levels for Russian Federation.

HFS EDAGUM®SM is a dark-brown liquid, well soluble in water, packaged in hermetically sealed plastic bottles, canisters, cans, and flanks per 0.25; 0.5; 1; 5; 10; 20; 100; 200 and 1000 dm3.

HFS EDAGUM®SM is stored in a packaging of manufacturer in a dry closed place at temperature from 40С to 500С. Period of storage under proper storage conditions is 5 years from the manufacturing date. Not to use after termination of storage period.

Humic feed supplement EDAGUM®SМ maintains resistance of young and adult livestock of animals and poultry to various diseases, normalizes metabolism, activates synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates, and enzymes in organisms of animals which promotes increase of their productivity and safety.

Recommended application:

HFS EDAGUM®SM is introduced into a diet by mixing with forage, including milk, once a day using the following scheme:

Pecies and age of animals

Daily rate, mg/kg of live weight

Durability of feeding

Incalver 30 days beforecalving

0.5 ml with concentrates

4-5 weeks

Milk cows

0.5 ml with concentrates, silage

2-3 months

Calves 2-6 months old

0.5 ml with concentrates

120 days

Calves from 10 days to 2 months old

0.4 ml with milk, skim milk,mess

60 days

Pregnant female pigs 4-5 weeks before farrow

0.5 ml with concentrates

up to 60 days

Suckling farrows from supplementation time

0,4 ml with milk, cereals

up to 2 months

Weanling pigs

0.5 ml with food

up to 4 months


0.5 ml with concentrates, silage

3-4 months

Young stock of lambs under 4 months

0.4 ml with concentrates

2-3 months

Female goats

0.5 ml with concentrates, silage

3-4 months

Young stock of goats under 4 months

0.4 ml with concentrates

2-3 months

Young stock of goats 4-8 months old

0.5 ml with food

3-4 months

Broiler chicken

4 l per 1 ton of food

form 2 days up to 40 days

No side effects and complications at using of HFS EDAGUM®SM according to the present instruction are revealed. No contraindications for its application are established.

HFS EDAGUM®SM is compatible to all medical products and other feed supplements.

Production from animals after application of supplement can be used for food purposes without restriction.

Rules of personal hygiene and safety arrangements must be kept at work with the supplement. To store in places inaccessible to children