Plant production EDAGUM®SM

Liquid humic fertilizer EDAGUM®SM is a natural plant growth stimulator produced from an ecologically safe raw material – a lowland peat. The unique "know-how" of EDAGUM®SM fertilizer production allows to obtain and preserve the whole complex of biologically active substances from the peat: humic and fulvic acids, organic acids (succinic, oxalic, malic etc.), aminoacids, carbohydrates, vitamins, macro- and microelements in bioavailable organic forms. Due to the high content of these components, the fertilizer has high biological activity and a wide range of action.

The humic product EDAGUM®SM is appropriate for all kinds of agricultural crops on any soil types; its application is recommended at all plant growth stages - from preplanting seeds treatment and spraying on vegetating plants up to soil treatment after harvesting. It also can be applied in organic agriculture.

High efficiency of application of liquid humic fertilizer EDAGUM®SM is reported by scientific research institutes and  agricultural enterprises in Russia and abroad for various crops.


The application of EDAGUM®SM in plant production allows:

- To increase the crop yield from 10-30% (cereals) up to 40-50% (potatoes, vegetables) and even more;

- To accelerate crop maturing up to 10 days and even more;

- To increase the storability of yield; 

- To improve establishment of sprouts and seedlings at transplanting;

- To strengthen development the plant system of and respiration;

- To increase plant resistance to the negative factors of environment (drought, superfluous moisture, frosts);

- To protect plants from bacterial and fungal diseases;

- To increase the efficiency of nitric, potassium and phosphoric fertilizers, pesticides, that make possible to reduce their application rates up to 20-40% and remove its stress effect on the plants. In addition it leads to the reduction of the transport charges and warehouse costs;

- To restore and to maintain soil fertility;

- To restore soil microbiological activity (or to considerably stimulate the activity of different groups of soil microorganisms);

- To increase soil water-holding capacity, to preserve their properties being disturbed either by intensive irrigation or by high rates of mineral fertilizers;

- To soften the effects of soil acidity and salinity on the plants;

- To decrease nitrate content in agricultural production;

- To bond up heavy metals, radionucleads  and pesticide residues in soil by forming insoluble (in soil solution) complexes thereby preventing both their plant uptake and transfer into the ground waters and atmosphere;

- To obtain ecologically safe production of the highest quality.


Thus, use of EDAGUM®SM gives significant economic benefit: as a result of its application not only the yield grows up to 50% and even more, but also the application rates of nitric, phosphoric fertilizers pesticides may be reduced up to 20-40%. Soil treatment not only activates the microbiological complex, but in addition, improve soil properties like texture, water-holding capacity, cation exchange capacity – and many other parameters. Above-mentioned actions make the production better and more ecologically clean for sure!