Oil and gas industries

One of the directions of using the humic product EDAGUM®SМ is studying the dynamics of changes in humic substances during biodegradation of oil hydrocarbons by microorganisms.

Scientists of Tula State Pedagogical University studied grey forest soil; humic product EDAGUM®SМ enriched in its own microflora, and also strains of following microbial oil destructors

·Pseudomonas fluorescens 4

· Microbacterium liquefaciens 6

· Pseudomonas putida 9

· Rhodococcus erythropolis 21

· Pseudomonas sp. 22

Experimental: soil samples were polluted with certain amounts of oil, black oil and diesel fuel and then humic product EDAGUM®SМ, or artificial association of above-named strained were added to polluted soil.

Results: humic product EDAGUM®SМ possesses high physiological activity, and acts as an effective adsorbent of oil hydrocarbons, ions of heavy metals and radionuclides. Therefore after interaction of hydrocarbons with solutions of humic substances the concentration of latter ones drastically decreases, that testifies their chemical linkage with petrochemicals.

A single treatment of polluted soil samples with EDAGUM®SМ allows microbial oil destructors to destroy black oil on 20%, oil on 30% , and diesel fuel on 50% during 3 – 4 months. It testifies a high efficiency of bacteriological detoxication of soils polluted with oil, diesel fuel and black oil, using humic product EDAGUM®SМ as the biological activator of microbial oil destructors.

EDAGUM®СМ allows to transform hydrocarbons of oil and petrochemicals into nontoxic forms enough quickly and effectively. Efficiency of EDAGUM®SМ essentially increased at joint application with artificial association of strains of microbial oil destructors.

Results of the research allow to recommend EDAGUM®SМ for drilling over the oil wells which openings are clogged by high-molecular paraffines, resinous substances and asphaltenes, being a nutrient medium for microorganisms. Thus an increase of oil and gas recovery factor can take place.

Solutions of humic product EDAGUM®SМ are capable to decrease significantly the viscosity of drilling solutions, thus increasing the speed of drilling. Besides, the solutions possess antibacterial properties and due to that using of drilling solutions is getting more safe, because of decrease in occurrences of arthritises, and skin diseases.

Powders of EDAGUM®SМ can be recommended for removal of oil pollution on water surface. Presence of hydrophobic moieties in structure of humic substances allows them to adsorb oil hydrocarbons, and then to carry them away to a bottom of reservoir where other biochemical processes, transferring petrochemicals into nontoxic available to microorganisms species take place.

Results of application of EDAGUM®SМ in oil and gas industries:

· At drilling out oil wells humic product EDAGUM®SМ promotes a 50% increase of oil and gas recovery factor because the product’s microflora uses paraffins and asphaltenes accumulating in wells’ openings for their food and life activity and thus a well can be drilled out.

· A single soil treatment with humic product EDAGUM®СМ allows to transform into nontoxic form up to 60% of diesel fuel, 40% of oil and 20-30% of black oil within 3-4 months. In 400 days up to 90-95% of diesel fuel, up to 80% oil and up to 65-70% of black oil is decayed by product’s microflora.

Using of dry product EDAGUM®СМ is effective against spillages of oil and petrochemicals on water surface due to its high sorption capacity.