About group of companies "SМ"

The group of companies "SМ" works in the market since 1991, and since 2006 it develops manufacturing of humic fertilizers under the trade mark EDAGUM®SМ.

The unique "know-how" of EDAGUM®SМ allows to extract from natural raw material – peat, and to preserve the whole complex of biologically active substances defining high efficiency of the product and possibility of its application in various areas of use:

- In plant production as a growth stimulator for increasing the productivity of various agricultural crops on 15-50%, improvement production quality and decreasing of its cost price;

- In animal production for increase the efficiency and safety of agricultural animals, including poultry and fish

- In environmental technologies for remediation of polluted soils, sewage treatment, tending of forest shelter plantings etc.;

- In oil and gas extraction at all stages: from drilling operations where products help to strengthen hole walls and to dilute solutions, up to restoration of soil and water ecological parameters in sites of oil drilling and extracting.

High quality of humic fertilizers under the trade mark EDAGUM®SМ, is determined by highly-skilled personnel and presence of our own manufacture equipped with the most advanced equipment.

Now products of the company are known by many farmers in Russia and other countries of the world. The group of companies «Spetsosnastka M» is a member of the Union of Suppliers of Ecologically Safe Production of Russian Federation. For high quality of the products it was awarded by diplomas and golden medals of many international exhibitions.

All the products made under the trade mark EDAGUM®SМ obtained required cknowledgment letters and certificates.