Agro-industrial Forum of the South of Russia: special exhibitions "Agrotechnology", "Agrofarm" Rostov-on-Don, 2009


International Agro-Industrial Forum YuGAGRO Krasnodar, 2008


International Competition «Ecologically Safe Production», Moscow, 2008

Exhibition «Humic materials as resources of XXI century» Moscow-St.-Petersburg, 2008

VII International Agricultural Exhibition GOLDEN FIELD ` 08, Krasnodar Territory, Ust – Labinsk, 2008

Agro-Industrial Forum of the South of Russia «Interagromash. The Agrotechnology Exhibition», Rostov-on-Don, 2008

10th International Agro-industrial Exhibition the AGRO -GENERALIST, Stavropol, 2008

XIV International Agro-industrial Forum “YuGAGRO” Krasnodar, 2007


21st All-Russian Exhibition «Volgograd Agroindustrial Forum», Volgograd, 2007


9th Russian Agro-industrial Exhibition "Mellow autumn", Russian Agro-Industrial Week, Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Centre, 2007

"BelAgroTehMash" Belgorod, 2007


Agro-industrial exhibition "Sitiprodekspo", Kalmykia Elista (City Chess), 2007


10th Anniversary Agro-industrial Forum «Interagromash. Agrotechnologies – Prodekspojug», Rostov-on-Don, 2007

9th Specialized International Agroindustrial Exhibition “Agro-generalist 2007”, Stavropol, 2007

"Agro-industrial complex" and «Farm. Garden. Kitchen garden. Manor», Volgograd, 2007

11th International Specialized Exhibition «Agrocomplex: Interagro. Animed. Farmer of the Volga region», Kazan, 2007

13th International Agroindustrial Forum "JugAgroProm", "JugPishcheMash", Krasnodar, 2006

20th Anniversary All-Russian Exhibition «Volgograd agro-industrial forum», Volgograd, 2006


3rd Inter-regional Specialized Exhibition "YIELD", Voronezh, 2006


8th Russian Agro-industrial Exhibition "Mellow autumn", Russian Agro-Industrial Week, Moscow, Russian Exhibition Centre, 2006