Environmental – application of EDAGUM®SМ

The fertilizer EDAGUM®SM is a natural biostimulant of plant growth and development produced from ecologically pure raw material – peat. Humic product EDAGUM®SM is a universal tool for solving the environmental tasks.

Growing background of ionizing radiation, pollution of the environment by various toxicants, having cancerogenic and mutagenic effects, and also the consequences of application in agriculture the intensive technologies represent now a serious ecological danger. Therefore it is necessary to carry out a number of measures for protection the environment and the most perspective tool in this respect is an application of humic-based products. Humic acids containing in humic fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ, are capable to transfer toxicants into inactive species which gradually decay to nontoxic compounds and thus exclude them from direct contact with living organisms, soils, soil-ground waters, atmosphere.

In environmental technologies could be applied for: