Humic product EDAGUM®SM in livestock production

One of the most perspective ways of enhancement and increase the productive efficiency of farm livestock at the high requirements to ecology of meat and dairy products is the use of humic products. Their ecological safety and the unique ability to improve the exchange processes in cell and to maintain cell energetics rather positively affect the living organisms.

Today humic products are applied in livestock production (cattle breeding, horse breeding, sheep raising, pig breeding, poultry production, fishery etc.) as the fodder additives to increase the productive efficiency of animals, accessibility of forages, improvement of qualitative parameters of blood, muscles etc., and in veterinary as preventive drugs raising common resistance of organism and for treatment of some diseases.

Humic substances render strong stimulating action on all species of agricultural animals, including birds, strengthen their immunity, normalize metabolism: as a result of their use high gains in weight are received, the parameters of blood quality are improved, the resistance to diseases raises and survival ability of young stock achieves 98 %.

In fishery humic substances accelerate the rates of growth, provide high survival ability of fishes (98-99%), provide the reduction of fodder expenses on 29% (per unit of a gain), improve the state of internals and fish-maw, maintain the functional activity of the egg cell, increase the impregnation capacity of caviar, accelerate the blastula development and reduce the larva teratogenecity.

Humic fodder additive (HFD) EDAGUM®SM is developed from environmentally safe low peat according to specifications 9283-002-52420467-2009 and represented as a dark - brown liquid, soluble in water, does not containing any genetically modified products.

The high biological activity of HFD EDAGUM®SM is resulted from the presence in its structure the complex of substances created by nature: humic and fulvic acids, organic acids (succinic, malic, oxalic etc.), amino-acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements.

HFD EDAGUM®SM is introduced to a diet by mixing with concentrates, silage, cereal, milk, reworkable waste, mess, or drinking water depending on a species and age of animals.