Test results of HFS EDAGUM®SМ in animal industries

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In field experiments of Stavropol Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Fodder Production the high efficiency of HFS EDAGUM®SM was confirmed on young and adult livestock of agricultural animals, including poultry.


The researches established that the inclusion of HFS EDAGUM®SM in milking cows’ diets considerably increased their productivity and improved the milk quality: the dairy efficiency raised on 10.5 %, the content of dry matter in milk increased on 1.4 %, of fat on 0.8%, protein on 3.1%, lactose on 1.05%, calcium on 0.01 and ash on 0.28%. The expenses of forages per 1 kg of milk decreased on 8.3%.


The fodder additive promoted an improvement of nutrients digestibility, increased their accessibility on 1.6% on dry matter basis, crude protein on 1.7%; and fiber on 1.9%. HFS EDAGUM®SM rendered a positive influence on biochemical parameters of animal blood: the content of hemoglobulin and alkaline reserve increased, that promoted an improvement of metabolism and increase of dairy efficiency. Besides the fodder additive improved the appetite and general state of animals.

Feeding of the fodder additive to suckled calf raised the conversion of forage, that positively affected the metabolism and digestion. The daily average gain of veal fed with HFS EDAGUM®SM increased on 3.1% and achieved 723g, the morphological parameters of blood improved (total protein, content of calcium and phosphorus etc.). Calf, receiving humic product, looked healthier, active, and mobile, the hair-coat covering had more bright appearance in comparison with control group.


Including of the fodder additive EDAGUM®SM in a diet structure of pigs–suckers (0.4 ml per 1 kg of alive weight) increased a gain of alive weight by 2.65%; reduced gastrointestinal diseases and preserved the pig stock up to 95%.Use of the fodder additive in diets of pigs during 2-4 months allowed by the end of growing to raise the alive weight up to 36.7 kg at a daily average increment in 300 g or 12.7% higher in comparison with equals in age. The fodder additive EDAGUM®SM increased the digestibility of diet nutrients on 1.41% on dry matter basis, and on 4.33% on crude protein basis.


The additive EDAGUM®SM improved the qualitative parameters of sperm production of breeding boars: the ejaculate volume was 4.47% higher at experimental group, sperm cells concentration on 1,97% higher, and sperm cells concentration in ejaculate was 6.59% higher.


Application of HFA EDAGUM®SM at cultivation of bimestrial age sheep of one shear promoted an increase of daily average gain at 6.7% concerning control group, and of 10-month's old buck lamb - on 7.5% in comparison with analogues from control group. EDAGUM®SM raised the dairy efficiency of 1.5- year sheep dam on 11.3%, and of 3-4 - year age sheep dam on 7.9% in comparison with control group.


Use of EDAGUM®SM at cultivation of chicken broiler promoted an increase of alive weight gain on 1.96%, total and daily average gain on 4.68% concerning the control, strengthened the conversion of forage, and increased the capacity birds young stock survival from 94.2% up to 96.3%.

Use of EDAGUM®SM reduced the incidence rate of animals’ diarrhea that considerably reduced the expenses for antibiotics and made the production higher-grade.


Thus, EDAGUM®SM strengthens the resistance of young and adult livestock and poultry to various diseases, normalizes the metabolism, activate the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates, and enzymes that promotes an increase of their efficiency, safety and the profitability of production in a whole. Humic fodder additive EDAGUM®SM is a highly effective reserve of improvement of animals’ state, more intensive escalating of alive weight under the identical conditions of heir feeding and management.

Side-effects and complications at application of EDAGUM®SM are not revealed. EDAGUM®SM is compatible with all pharmaceuticals and other fodder additives. Contra-indications for its application are not established. Animal production after application of the additive can be used for food without any restrictions.