For gardeners and truck farmers - EDAGUM® SМ liquid humic fertilizer (mark B)

EDAGUM® SМ liquid humic fertilizer (mark B)

Destination: for all kinds of horticultural cultures, increase of productivity, improvement of production quality, acceleration of composts maturation, soil remediation from various pollutants (heavy metals, petrochemicals, radionuclides, etc.)

Ingredients: humic and fulvic acids > 20 g/l, nitrogen 1-3 g/l, phosphorus 100-160 mg/l, potassium 3,5-15 g/l, silica, copper, zinc, magnesium, boron, iron, manganese, cobalt.

Not explosive and flameproof

Substance hazard category: 4 (low-hazardous substance)

Storage period: 2 years

Technical specifications: 3292-001-52420467-2005

State registration number: 0304-06-210-091-0-0-0-1

Packaged in: one liter plastic bottles