Garden and kitchen garden

Natural humic fertilizer of new generation EDAGUM®SМ is made on the basis of environmentally sound low-land peat considering last achievements in plant nutrition and soil fertilization.

Destination: for all kinds of horticultural cultures, increase their productivity, improvement of production quality, protection against diseases of vegetables, fruits, berries, root crops, seedling of trees and bushes, ornamentals, flowers, lawns and everything that grows in a garden, backyard, greenhouse, on a balcony and windowsill; for acceleration of composts maturation, soil remediation from various pollutants (heavy metals, petrochemicals, radionuclides, etc.).

Specialties: differs from other similar products of Russian and foreign market by higher content of biologically active substances (humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, a set of macro- and microelements), and also by the presence of silica considerably enhancing the efficiency of fertilizer and expanding a spectrum of its action.

Humic and fulvic acids stimulate plant growth and development, enhance metabolism, act as an additional energy source and protect plants from unfavorable environmental factors, bind heavy metals and radionuclides in soil into plant unavailable insoluble complexes.

Macro- and microelements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, boron, manganese, molybdenum, etc.) – are plant nutrients, they preserve soil fertility.

Silica gives elasticity and rigidity to plant stalks, enhance their resistance to a drought, frosts, protects from insects and pathogenic fungi, suppresses uptake of toxic elements by plants and removes harmful influence of soil salinification. Under the influence of silica requirement phosphorus of plants decreases because of its better uptake.

For gardeners’ convenience the product is offered as a concentrate. From a liter bottle five big barrels (1000 liters) of high-quality fertilizer are obtained! Storage period: 5 years

On backyards, gardens and kitchen gardens humic fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ:

· Provides maximum seed germination, high survival rate of sprouts and stalks;

· Accelerates plant growth and development, fruits maturation for 10-12 days;

· Increases yield on 20-50% and more;

· Improves quality of vegetables, root crops, fruits and berries: increases their sizes, maintenances content of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other beneficial compounds;

· Enhances brightness of flowers and increases duration and abundance of flowering;

· Helps plants to overcome stresses (from transplanting, frosts, drought, overwetting, poisoning with chemicals);

· Reduces content of nitrates, heavy metals, radionuclides in plants;

· Accelerates composts maturation;

· Rehabilitates the soil, maintains its fertility.


Humic fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ is applied as working solution for treatment of seeds and seedlings, root and foliar feedings, pouring of soil and compost heaps. It requires minimum expenses and can be carried out during all the period of plant growth and development: from preplant seeds treatment up to early winter processing of perennial ornamentals, fruits and berries.


Rates of fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ application and timing of treatments:

· Foliar feedings: 10 ml of the product per 10 l of water. During spring-summer time spray once in 10 days, for window plants spray once a month during autumn and winter.

· Root feedings: 15 ml of the product per 10 l of water. During spring-summer time water once in 10 days, for window plants once a month. during autumn-winter

· Soaking of seeds: 5 ml of the product per 1 l of water. Duration of soaking is 10-20 hours.

· Soaking of stalks, tubers, bulbs: 5 ml of the product per 1 l of water. Duration of soaking is 4-5 hours

· Compost preparation: 15 ml of the product per 10 l of water, 3-5 l of the solution through each 30 cm of a heap.

· Soil watering before planting, after harvesting: 15 ml of the product per 10 l of water, 1-2 l of the solution per 1 sq.m.

For soil remediation against heavy metals and radionuclides: water soil with solution: 1 l of the product per 10 l of water, 1-2 l of the solution per 1 sq.m.