Waste-water treatment

The technology of waste water treatment is based on the ability of humic acids containing in EDAGUM®SM, to bind the polluting impurities (heavy metals etc.), to transfer them into insoluble state and finally to remove as a precipitate. Besides humic acids activate the development of useful microorganisms and suppress the action of pathogens at the last stage of the biological waste water treatment process. At addition 0.01% of humates in drains more intensive coagulation of impurities occurs, and the capacity of sewage disposal plant increase on 10-15%.

EDAGUM®SM is recommended to add into air flotation systems for removal the trace amounts of greasing, oil, liquid organic substances and suspended particles in water. It serves as a special coagulant, which is applied together with water-soluble polymeric flocculating agents to remove soluble organic substances. EDAGUM®SM can be used as the additive lowering water loss in some types of organic liquids to prevent the infiltration of water from clearing pool or holes.

Humic complexes help to remove effectively the radionuclides from water included in cycles of electric-power production at nuclear stations.

Providing an effective clearing from pollutants, humic substances do not render any negative influence on flora and fauna of water reservoirs.