Landscape gardening – application of EDAGUM®SМ

Landscape gardening influences human health a lot, especially in urban territories. Green plantings improve microclimate of urban territory, protect from noise, excrete phytoncides capable to kill pathogenic bacteria or inhibit their development, ionize air, protect soil, sidewalks, buildings from overheat, prevent soil and air pollution by technogenic emissions.

In the process of cities growth and development the problem of maintaining the resistance of green plantings to unfavorable influence of factors such as gas-polluted air, smokiness, temperature mode, humidity, soil pollution by toxicants, deterioration of soil physical and chemical properties, state of soil micro- and macrofauna occurs. Under extreme conditions of urban environment it is possible to enhance viability, resistance and ornamentality of green plantings with the help of humic fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ.

Application of potassium humate EDAGUM®SМ for accomplishment of urban territories and landscape architecture is possible in two basic directions:

1.Treatment of plants with fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ.

Processing of seeds, nursery plants, bulbs and corms before sowing or planting allows to enhance seeds germination, and survival rate of nursery plants and seedlings, promote the development of powerful root system, accelerate plants growth and development, remove stresses from frosts, drought, overwetting, soil and air pollution by toxic substances, to increase plants resistance to diseases, maintaining their immunity.

Foliar spraying of plants activate absorption of ultra-violet radiation and accelerates photosynthesis process in leaves. Leaves get intensive green colors, leaf surface increases.

Root system growth accelerates that promotes better plant uptake of nutrients from soil, more intensive transport of nutrients to vegetative and generative parts of a plant, processes connected to improvement of plant decorative properties become more active. Adaptive properties of plants, meaning their ability to adapt to changing factors of urban environment maintain.

2. Application of fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ for increasing soil fertility/

Soil application of fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ allows to enhance soil biological activity, mobilize nutrients, bind heavy metals and radionuclides, improve water-air soil properties, soil temperature mode.

Recommendations for application of fertilizer EDAGUM®SМ for landscape gardening>>>